We are always seeking to purchase excellent books. If you are downsizing, moving away or clearing out the family home we might be interested in what you have.

What we currently want
Contemporary & classic Childrens Hardback fiction particularly works by Blyton,  Outhwaite, Maltby etc
 also Just William and Biggles Books
 Modern First Edition Fiction or nicely produced classic and contemporary works
Natural History & Science
Art Monographs, Aboriginal Art, Modern Artists, Photography, Design, Architecture, Costume
History (Ancient & Modern) , particularly first published in last 10 years or so
Exploration & Early Adventure, Early Australian Settlement, Idriess
Motoring, Nautical & Aviation, Surfing, 
Military and War Books
Antiquarian, Old & leathery will be worth looking at.
University Textbooks must be current edition 
What we don't want
Paperback fiction
Encyclopedias, School Text Books,  Computer Books,
 Mills & Boon, Readers Digest, Poetry,
Books in poor condition unless noteworthy or antique.
Before contacting us you should have a pretty good idea of what you have and let us know.
One of the simplest and clearest methods is to take a picture or three ... or twelve.
Ensure they are well focussed , web suitable (ie in a low resolution) and email them through to shinyowlbo[email protected]
Other options
 If have a wireless phone,  call  9979-3425 and read the best titles direct from the shelves, or make a list, drop it off or email it, or arrange an appointment to just bring them in - (though be prepared to take a lot away again)
 For those with a large quantity of books (250+), or if you lack the ability to transport them, a house call can be arranged. Again we will need to establish a clearer picture of what you have. 
 Do not just turn up with a van load of books !!
 It most probably will be at the wrong time or day or more likely it will be 5pm on a Friday evening (it happens !!)
 Cash Purchase 
 We give cash for books or an exchange value against books bought in the shop at the time. We do not give credit vouchers or slips.
 Exchange values are 50% better than cash. Values of books are so variable it is impossible to give even a general guide. We price books individually and offer nothing for books we don't want - so the answer to the question - "how much for the lot?" will only be based on what we want. We will clear your house of books if you just want them gone. We will give nothing but we will take them given reasonable notice 
 Bringing Books to Shop
 This is our standard operating method. Arrange an appointment at the shop, by phone or email. Book buying times and days vary. Times are usually between 12 and 4. Unless you have just a bag or so do not just turn up at the shop. The book buyer may not be in. The Shop days calendar indicates days we are Buying.  We do not buy on the weekend.
Home visits for purchase 
 By appointment for very large quantities (500+) or for those without means of transport, valuable collections, for the elderly or infirm. We must have a reasonably clear idea of what you have. We normally operate north of Spit Bridge, east of Roseville Bridge, south of Barrenjoey Lighthouse and west of the Tasman Sea, though if you can excite us we may come further. Note we only offer for what we want - we don't 'take the lot' unless we want the vast majority of the books (75% +) - as a courtesy we would clear the rest and dispose of them appropriately (charity shop or recycling bin) 
 Books Bought - All Sydney Northern beaches suburbs covered
 Please contact Shiny Owl Books who serve the Northern Beaches of Sydney
 but can be tempted to the North Shore or past the Roseville Bridge for thrilling collections 
Contact details below
Thank you for reading to the very end